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I love food. I love cooking it, eating it, thinking about it, and, most of all, sharing it. While photographing food, it's not just the food itself I'm drawn to (although I really really am), it's everything that happens around it. What we can see of the kitchen it's been cooked in and the table it's being shared at. How and by whom. I like catching such things as they happen, but if I can't I'll have fun trying to recreate something that looks as spontaneous as possible.

Ce qui m'attire dans la cuisine n'est pas seulement la nourriture, mais tout ce qui se passe autour : comment elle est préparée, par qui, pour qui, où et dans quelle lumière. J'aime capturer ces moments sur le vif, mais quand les conditions ne s'y prêtent pas, je prends plaisir à recréer une atmosphère au rendu aussi spontané que possible. 

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